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Rules and Guidelines
for playing or attending our events

All players need to follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Dark Sphere staff members, external venue staff and other gamers should be treated with respect at all times. Harmless banter is one thing but we will not tolerate verbal, racial or physical abuse or any other kind of unacceptable or inappropriate behaviour.
  2. There is no open food or drink allowed in the shop (we don't want to have to keep trying remove the stains from the floor)
  3. Food or non-alcoholic drink IS allowed in the gaming zone
  4. No alcoholic drinks are allowed in the gaming zone
  5. Players are responsible for throwing away their own rubbish and any player found dropping chewing gum or sticking it under gaming tables will receive a minimum of a one month ban
  6. Failure to adhere to these simple rules may result in:
    • Warning
    • Game loss
    • Match loss
    • Disqualifications (without refund of entry fee)
    • Ban from the shop and all future internal and external Dark Sphere events (severe cases only)
  7. We often take photos of our events and use them for shop publicity. By attending any Dark Sphere event you give Dark Sphere permission for any photos taken to be used for publicity purposes.

By playing at any of our events you agree to these terms