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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Locals

Event Start:   19:00   Friday 15th December 2023
Event Finish (approx):   22:00   Friday 15th December 2023
Details:   Locals are our regularly scheduled, weekly events for Yu-Gi-Oh!. These locals events use the TCG ruleset, card pool, and ban list. These events are run as Swiss style tournaments. Players receive an OTS pack for participation, and for every participant, there is a booster pack from the latest set added to the prize pool, which are then awarded to players based on their performance at the end of the tournament. Sign up price: £5 These are not ticketed events, and signups are on the day. To sign in you will need a Konami ID. If you do not have one, download the official Neuron app, and you’ll be able to register for one through there.